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Watch this quick overview on how Body Chargers devices work

How it works?

Watch this quick overview on how devices work.

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Our products, German-manufactured bioresonance, backed by over 140 clinical studies - with a press of a button.

DeVita Energy 11

What if it were possible to get limitless energy with a press of a button... right from your pocket? The Energy 11 BodyChargers device is the first micro bioresonance device that is pocket sized, wireless. It provides 11 different programs for limitless energy 24/7. It has settings for an immediate energy boost or longer lasting energy. It also has settings to help restore energy to weakened cells in any of these common conditions: 1. Bad or struggling relationships. 2. Having Toxic people around you 3. Perpetual 5G WiFi 4. Financial worries 5. Plus so much more!


$ 599.00 
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DeVita AP

The AP is designed to restore energy to detoxification & immune system cells for help with microbes.


$ 799.00 
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The RITM is designed to restore energy to weakened cells in organs and systems.


$ 799.00 
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What is bioresonance?

Bioresonance is the frequency of your cells. Every part of your body has a specific healthy frequency that it vibrates at. If this resonance frequency isn't "tuned" properly - sickness and health conditions occur. Here's how thinks about solving it.

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