Bioresonance: The Future of Healthcare


What is bioresonance?

In a nutshell: bio means life… resonance means vibration or frequency.

Our organs are made of cells and these cells are made of tiny little atoms, and those atoms have a healthy frequency or “rhythm” that they vibrate at.

So bioresonance - puts the tiny little atoms in organs at proper frequencies so they can be as healthy as possible.


When was bioresonance discovered?

Years ago, bioresonance was thought of as quackery… but, now there are so many new clinical studies proving bioresonance to be even more effective than medications.

So, bioresonance is becoming “the new kid on the block” when it comes to improving health.

It goes beyond cutting something out… or using medications, or injections or altering hormonal or chemical imbalances.


The only way an object exists is IF it has a resonant frequency.

Each tiny piece of everything in the world is striving to maintain a perfect frequency or rhythm.

A pioneer of bioresonance in the 1950s and 60s was a German physician, Dr. Voll and he identified the resonant frequency of a normal brain to be 150 Kilohertz.

He also said the normal frequency of the immune system was 67 Kilohertz.

So the way to understand this is when any organ or system gets outside of those frequencies… they start to malfunction… become sick… and if it gets too far out of that range… they can die.

Get enough of that… the organ fails.

Keeping your organs in that range is critical.

So think of each cell in your body having a different tune and all your various types of cells working harmoniously together to keep you alive and healthy. 


How does BodyChargers devices use bioresonance?

The Cells in your body are just like guitar strings on a guitar.

Each string has a particular frequency and should be perfectly tuned  in order to create beautiful music.

When it comes to your body, the better you’re able to maintain these specific frequencies and rhythm in each of the specific types of cells, the higher level of health and wellness you will be able to maintain throughout your entire life.

The problem in today’s world is it’s filled with so many things that interfere with our cellular frequencies.

Like chemicals stresses.

Genetically Modified Foods.
Injuries from mild to severe.
Day-to-day posture & activities.

And the whole range of emotional stresses.

Like deaths of people close to you, bad relationships, financial  worries, and school, work, social stresses… in addition to much more. 

Today’s world has so much interference that it’s impossible for any human being to maintain perfect Bioresonance frequency and rhythm in all our…


30+ trillion cells. 

When the cellular frequencies and rhythm are off from where they should be it leads to weaknesses and resulting sicknesses and health conditions.

Over the years, I have used so many bioresonance devices at my home for various health conditions for me and my family. 


The BodyChargers Advantage

Over the years, I have used so many Bioresonance devices at my home for various health conditions for me and my family.

These devices historically have been big and bulky and hard to move and scary looking to those who don’t know about them.

To avoid lengthy explanations and being looked at weirdly, we would even have to hide them when friends came over to our house. 

After decades of searching for better bioresonance devices… it wasn’t until August 2023, I discovered a company called Deta Elis, who has been making and innovating micro devices for bioresonance now for over 30 years.

Their devices have undergone rigorous clinical studies, and they are easy to use while in your pocket with just a few clicks.

You can use them while grocery shopping, at home, at work, in the airport, in a hotel, at school.

They are Cordless, wireless, pocket sized and user friendly.

We believe that the future of healthcare will be in biophysics… we’ve been doing it for over a decade at my clinic… and we are seeing others catch on to this due to seeing results.

Bioresonance in the human body will be one of the most sought after forms of healthcare in the future - and if you’re reading this...

I am giving you a chance to own a piece of the future… TODAY.

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Start getting the results you have yearned for at home with detoxification, help with viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, organs, energy, hormones, and so much more. 

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